EnviroPad Spill Mat

The EnviroPad Spill Mat is available in Med, Large, X-Large and 2XL

The EnviroPad is a revolutionary spill pad that captures and solidifies hydrocarbon spills including oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids. By using smart polymer technology, the EnviroPad turns these liquids into solid rubber, preventing any contaminants from leaking or leaching into the environment – even under pressure. The EnviroPad is not affected by heavy rain or water, reducing contaminated waste disposal costs. It is safe to use outdoors in all weather conditions, and can be carried or stored upright after use. Its non-leaching characteristics mean that the EnviroPad can be safely disposed of landfill (subject to local and state regulations).

  • Unique smart polymer spill pad
  • Solidifies oil and fuel so it can’t leak out
  • No pools of oily rainwater
  • No risk of overflowing
  • Doesn’t need sidewalls or a liner
  • Can be safely used outdoors and jet washed
  • Just as effective with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO)
  • Instructions printed on the top
  • Absorbs up to 10.5L of oil