The HydraSleeve “No-Purge” groundwater sampler can cut field sampling cost and your carbon footprint by 50 to 80%!

The HydraSleeve makes groundwater sampling a simple, three-step operation that is more effective than bailers, passive diffusion bags, portable or dedicated pumps.

The low-cost, disposable HydraSleeve captures a “core” of water from any discrete interval in the screened portion of the well with no change in water level and minimal disturbance to the water column.

Hydrasleeve 0.5 L 1.75″ Diameter x 28″
Hydrasleeve 1 L 1.75″ Diameter x 36″
Hydrasleeve Spring Clip for 2″
Weight for Hydrasleeve, 80 mm x 25 mm diameter, 250g

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