Micropurge/GME Kits

Contains everything you need for groundwater sampling. Three options available.


A Micropurge Kit contains everything you need for low flow ground water sampling. Three options are available depending on your sampling requirements. Can be set up for PFAS sampling environments.

The kit contains the following (consumables available for purchase separately):

• QED Sample Pro Pump
• QED MP10 Controller
• 12V Compressor or CO2 gas bottle with high pressure regulator and trolley
• Tag Line
• Water Quality Meter with flow cell (optional)
• Interface or Water Level Meter (optional)

Quick Specs:

The Micropurge Kit is available in three options:

• Option 1 = Pump + Controller + Tag line + Regulator and CO2 bottle or 12 V Compressor
• Option 2 = Option 1 + Water Quality Meter
• Option 3 = Option 2 + Interface Meter or Water Level Meter

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